Learn WordPress from youtube videos

The simplest and easiest way of learning any software is by watching tutorial videos. WordPress is the most popular content management system since you really don’t need any programming knowledge.  A search on youtube shall yield an overwhelming number of hits to learn WordPress. Most of these are very useful, but be mindful that many are out of date and are applicable for old versions of WordPress. Why are there so many videos? to understand this question we need to understand how WordPress works

Thousands are plugins are available to enhance WordPress.

Thousands of plugins are available to enhance WordPress.

The basic WordPress dashboard contains enough options to create a fairly useful blog. You can increase the number of options by installing so called plugins, which are generally free. Installing more plugins will increase the sophistication of your dashboard, and your blog can evolve into a fully blown website as shown below:

Blogolution: The evolution of blogs to a higher form

Blogolution: The evolution of blogs to a higher form


Through plugins you can create a website with slideshows, quizzes, surveys, link buttons, tabulated text, hidden text, and much more. Moreover, themes are available to ensure that your website will be “responsive” i.e. it shall react to browser size and can be viewed on Ipads and other tablets. The cutting edge in website design is the dynamic website which is usually created by programmers with HTML and PHP knowledge. Plugins can give you some dynamic features and so for many application it is not necessary to know HTML and PHP.

After shifting through many videos  I have identified around 25 videos to learn WordPress to create a sophisticated website. This took several weeks and was sometimes a very frustrating experience. You will be guided in a logical order through these 25 odd videos and all relevant technical terms will be explained beforehand so that you can obtain the maximum amount from these videos. I expect you can go through these video in around 7 days.
A companion text book for advanced concepts would be useful, you can order some from Amazon, alternatively if you require a textbook instantly you can order a WordPress e-book.

Brief History of the internet

In the early days of the internet programming knowledge was necessary to create a website and sites were managed by computer geeks.  Now in 2013 just about anyone can create a website, how did this happen? going through a brief history of the internet can answer this.

Internet born at CERNHTML: for expertsWordPress: for everybody
The internet was invented at CERN laboratories in Geneva Switzerland to enable particle physicists to easily to share information and data. The inventor of the internet Tim-Berners Lee also invented HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is the programming language use to create website content.
HTML code consists of a list of statements which defines every feature of a website. At first HTML was relatively simple, which reflected the simplicity of computers at the time. As computers became more powerful HTML increased in complexity. The increasing numbers of commands and options  made writing HTML code time consuming and awkward; a solution had to be found.
  This is the Third Tab
One solution was WordPress which is a menu driven environment for creating websites. HTML code is at the core of the various commands in the menu, however the designer need not know the details of chunks of code.

WordPress is not the only website content management system but it is the most widely used. According to a recent survey 18.6% of websites use a content content management and WordPress accounts for 58.2% of all content management use. This means WordPress is used to manage almost 1 in 5 of all websites (the precise figure is 18.6%). The case for using WordPress is very strong since it is used by many popular websites.  The pie chart shows the results a recent survey that was carried out to determine the market share of popular content management systems.

CMS use

The pie chart was generated using an online pie chart maker and the image was captured using google’s screen capture tool.

WordPress is very accessible for a beginner.  The functionality of WorPress can be enhanced through something called Plugins  which is why many professional web designers use WordPress.